The experiences of data collection and analysis

The experiences of data collection and analysis

For data collection, in the process of our investigation, due to time and cooperate is limited. People often don’t want to accept a lengthy questionnaire, even if accepted, it is impossible to complete seriously. So that it can guarantee the authenticity of the questionnaire answers. The questions we designed is short and almost all of them are multiple choice. Therefore, we can get the data more real and specific. When people answered this questionnaire, they will happily to cooperate. In addition, in the back has a specific topics for people to answer, if someone who have the time and can cooperate to write their opinions, they won’t refuse that.

For data analysis, when we just got the data, its chaotic and couldn’t get the regular pattern. We can analysis the data by using various forms of form. Therefore, we will get the more intuitive data shown like pie chart the line chart and histogram. What’s more, based on these data, we can connected with our knowledge list or some business framework to analysis this data.

At the end of data collection and analysis, we must consider about the limitation of the whole questionnaire and data:
1. The purpose of collecting data is clear or not. The collected data is full or not, The information channels are definitely unblocked or not.
2. Data analysis method is reasonable, whether the risk is controlled in the range of acceptable.


Personal Development Plan: Templatet

What are my development objectives?

The first one is Increase my written skills. The Priority of this objective is the level 1, which means that its in the first level. What activities do I need to undertake to achieve my objectives maybe is Practice my written skills and read some journals. What support/resources do I need to achieve my objectives are read any academic article. Target date for achieving my objectives Maybe at end of NOV.

The second one is Fix my language problems. The Priority of this objective is the level 2, means that its second important. What activities do I need to undertake to achieve my objectives maybe is Practice my communicate skills and learn more words. What support/resources do I need to achieve my objectives are Watch some English news and books. Need more talk with friends. Target date for achieving my objectives Maybe at end of NOV.

There also have some skills I need to increase. Firstly, I need to increase my Commercial Awareness, which means that can understanding of the economic factors and priorities facing a particular business and its’ competitors. Secondly, I need to increase my data handing skills, which means that I need to collect and record data, and interpret and present the data using appropriate media and technology. What I need to do is trying to summarize or analysis some data. Thirdly, the I need to improve my Problem Solving and analytical skills. I can learn from others to achieve these ability: define the problem, identify and implement a solution and evaluate the outcome against agreed criteria for success. Thinking things through in a logical way in order to determine key issues.

Analysis the experiences of designing a questionnaires

Analysis the experiences of designing a questionnaires

The design of a questionnaire will depend on whether the researcher wishes to collect exploratory information.

Exploratory questionnaires: If the data to be collected is qualitative or is not to be statistically evaluated, it may be that no formal questionnaire is needed.

Formal standardised questionnaires: If the researcher is looking to test and quantify hypotheses and the data is to be analysed statistically, a formal standardised questionnaire is designed.

1. Design the questionnaire, should deeply understand the situation: what aspects do we want to know. What problems do we want to solve.
2. If possible, read the related or similar industry research report of questionnaire research, it helps to avoid going in the wrong direction, can also provide a new way of thinking.
3. To understand the respondent. You have to go to chat with respondents, professional call “interview”, the most important thing is to understand get their opinion in which area you want to research. What do you want to send the object of the questionnaire, how to send the questionnaire, if a questionnaire refused to appear high probability, then the questionnaire design is a failure.
4. Form a preliminary study.You need to understand the qualitative material according to your current (reports and interviews) and make a comprehensive analysis.
5. Determine the questionnaire distributed way
6.According to your hypothesis, design questions and options.
7. Don’t design the topic of repetitive
8. Design the length of the questionnaire
9. The questionnaire distributed
10. Data analysis: can use some some software to analyze the data.
11. Form the normal research report.

My experience of writing a Literature Review

My experience of writing a Literature Review

For introduction, first of all, we should define or identify the general topic, issue, or area of concern, thus providing an appropriate context for reviewing the literature. On the second, Point out what is the theme of the overall trend noted is released, or conflict theory, methods, evidence, and conclusions; divide and scholarship or research; a new perspective or a problem or a direct interest. In addition, explain the ideas or the references which you use.And then put forward your own views

For main body, should focus on research and other types of literature reviews, theoretical articles, case studies, etc. According to the common and other qualitative and quantitative methods, the authors concluded that specific purpose or objective, chronology.
Summary of individual studies or articles as much or little detail the relative importance of each of the advantages of the literature, and remember the significance of space and the length of the representation.
To provide readers with main sentence of the paragraph beginning and short conjunctions in the mid-sentence summary of the assessment points to help compare and analyze understandable.

For conclusion, on the first, we should summarize important research and article reviews the major contribution to knowledge of the body and keep focused on the introduction.
Assessment of current “advanced” knowledge recalled, pointing out the main research methodology flaws or gaps in the theory and the results are inconsistent, regional or problems with future research.
Lastly, some central themes of a discipline literature review and a larger area and other relations between the research insights, scientific effort or occupation.

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