Analysis the experiences of presentation

Analysis the experiences of presentation

Actually, for me, its not the first time to have a presentation. But its the first I working with a group to finish it when I came there. Based on our aim: our group planning to open a new coffee shop which is located around Liverpool street station. The presentation mainly introduced the process of our research and the result of our questionnaire. What’s more, we conclude all the results into an brevity presentation.

In our group presentation I mainly analysis product in coffee shop through marketing mix. First of all, I shown two results of our questionnaire to let all audiences known that, based on our research, product is one of the most important aspect for coffee shop. Then, I used a example form Starbucks to analysis Starbucks’ product categorize. Finally, I summarize all my language and got a conclusion. Because I’m good at a question-and-answer session. So at the end of our presentation, I also answered two questions.

There also have some experiences I got from this presentation. Firstly, for main content, it require speech topic must relevant with the the aim.
Secondly, for language: must have the appropriate voice. Its become better if your presentation covered body language. Thirdly, for dress style: we must be dressed in a suit. It’s looks like more serious and mature.
Lastly, comprehensive impression. The impression is according to your performance and some details your shown to depend.



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