The experiences of data collection and analysis

The experiences of data collection and analysis

For data collection, in the process of our investigation, due to time and cooperate is limited. People often don’t want to accept a lengthy questionnaire, even if accepted, it is impossible to complete seriously. So that it can guarantee the authenticity of the questionnaire answers. The questions we designed is short and almost all of them are multiple choice. Therefore, we can get the data more real and specific. When people answered this questionnaire, they will happily to cooperate. In addition, in the back has a specific topics for people to answer, if someone who have the time and can cooperate to write their opinions, they won’t refuse that.

For data analysis, when we just got the data, its chaotic and couldn’t get the regular pattern. We can analysis the data by using various forms of form. Therefore, we will get the more intuitive data shown like pie chart the line chart and histogram. What’s more, based on these data, we can connected with our knowledge list or some business framework to analysis this data.

At the end of data collection and analysis, we must consider about the limitation of the whole questionnaire and data:
1. The purpose of collecting data is clear or not. The collected data is full or not, The information channels are definitely unblocked or not.
2. Data analysis method is reasonable, whether the risk is controlled in the range of acceptable.



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